"Is Hanif Khaki Really the Coolest Man On Earth?..."

picture of coolest man on earth

Hanif Khaki, the "coolest man on Earth"? Really? So What's the real story about this fellow everyone has been raving about?. Why are so many people suggesting he is the "coolest guy on earth"?  Or the top marketing consultant on the planet? Let's find out shall we?

Ok, so he is a renowned "profit turn-around" expert and he did develop the most sought after phase3 marketing and profitwize business growth solution available today. And we've heard he's also regarded as the "highest paid consultant in the world", And sure, his offline-to-online marketing workshops sell out within hours everytime, but so what?.

Of course I've heard many times that his business strategies and email marketing systems are child simple to use and have helped thousands of business owners improve their fortunes, sometimes almost instantly.

Perhaps the title of the "smartest man on Earth" would be more appropriate, or "top consultant on the planet", but just because he developed an ultra-successful business-transforming practice, and is one the highest paid and sought-after marketing consultants on the planet, is that enough to warrant his title? Does that automatically make him "cool"...let alone the "coolest guy on Earth"? Apparently many people think so...

Stories are growing daily about how he has helped business after business out-smart and beat their competition when nothing else worked. And apparently, he's known as more than just a "business optimizer", just ask the legions of people who now use his Mind-Optimizer CDs to cure themselves of ailments such as depression, anxiety, stress, failing memory, lack of self confidence, low self-esteem, fear of public speaking, high blood pressure, migraines and headaches, lack of focus and creativity and a host of other problems. These folks are quick to appoint Hanif as the coolest man on Earth.

But exactly what is the secret that allows Hanif Khaki to walk into virtually any business, even one that doesn't even have a website, and generate loyal customers lining up with cash-in-hand, ready to spend their hard-earned money with that business? I'm guessing that's what gave him the reputation of being the highest paid consultant around, and why top companies gladly pay him over and over again.

Let's also ask the countless business owners who have spent thousands of dollars on fancy websites that have proven to be nothing more than "pretty online brochures" that haven't made them a single dollar in profit. Ask those business owners how they feel when Hanif adds his proven "website profit multipliers" to these underperforming websites and transforms them into "customer magnets" overnight. Or the large number of satisfied corporate clients of his company Phase3 Marketing.

These are the same people who had practically given up and had no idea their websites contained hidden assets that could actually attract paying customers and make them real money. Do you think Hanif Khaki is a hero to them? Does that make him the "coolest man on Earth"?

Let's also ask the many retail store owners who are now making more sales by getting rid of some of their customers.  You think they see Hanif Khaki as the "coolest man on Earth"? Or even the top marketing consultant on the planet?

And let's ask some of the local retailers who have actually CUT their advertising expenses and at the same time doubled their sales with the help of Phase3 Marketing. Thanks to some of Hanif's methods, these fortunate businesses will never again have to advertise and NOT know their return on investment. How "cool" is that on a scale of 1 to 10?

And imagine the gratitude business owners feel when Hanif provides them with a brilliantly simple system that allows them to inexpensively stay in touch with their best customers anytime they want, build long-term profitable relationships with customers, gets more people to buy more things more often, AND is virtually hands-free! The ultimate business solution, and the ultimate in "coolness" for many people. I can certainly see where that would be considered "cool". But still, not exactly coolest man in the world.

Or let's ask the hundreds of under-achieving consultants who are now doubling their sales closings and are attracting larger clients that they never dreamed they would have access to. What do you think they would say about Hanif being "the coolest"?

How about the growing list of struggling businesses that have easily tripled their profits because of his proven profitwize business enhancing strategies?

You could also ask the growing list of business owners who have attended Hanif Khaki's one-of-a-kind 1-Day Internet Marketing Training Workshop and now have more customers flooding into their businesses than ever before. Many of these business owners had previously been ripped off by web design companies or knew nothing about the internet.

Oh, and let's also ask the many students who are able to study better and increase their exam scores thanks to his "study helper" CDs. Many of them have no problems addressing him as the "coolest guy on Earth"... without any hesitation whatsoever.

And why not ask the many seniors and elders who are now enjoying sharper minds and regaining their youth because of Hanif's "brain function and cognition enhancing" CDs...yep..pretty fancy names to be sure. Another vote for Hanif as "coolest man on the planet"

Ok, I have to admit, that's quite a fan club and following our beloved Hanif Khaki has developed over they years. I suppose if I was struggling with the above business problems and challenges for years and all of a sudden I discovered Hanif Khaki, or stumbled upon his free and helpful business advice site, and he made MY problems disappear...well, let's just say I may just be inclined to call him "the coolest guy on Earth" as well!

...This isn't over yet...stay tuned....there's a lot more to come as we get to bottom of why Hanif Khaki is not only the highest paid consultant, but why Hanif Khaki is considered to be the coolest man on the planet.

  ~ Guest Critic